Hello, I am Source.

A simple 5-minute tool that will change your life.

Source is a simple neural pathway activation tool that awakens joy, peace, ease and flow in just 5 minutes per day. Run the tool every morning, and watch your stress melt into effortlessness, overwhelm transform into flow, and day unfold with joyful celebration. Guided by Source, your life will never be the same.



Meditation is too cumbersome. It’s difficult to master. And it’s boring. Source only takes 5 minutes and will change your life rapidly.

If you’ve tried meditation but found it difficult, Source is for you.


Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Source harnesses proven neuroscience to tune the neurology of your brain to joy, ease and flow.

If you struggle with stress, overwhelm and changing your thinking, Source is for you.


Most people don’t see results with meditation because they struggle to stick with it. Source is simple and joyful, so consistency is easy.

If you’ve tried meditation but had a hard time sticking with it, Source is for you.

A gentle companion that will enliven your life.

Source isn’t just a tool, it’s a caring companion that supports you, nourishes you, and gently guides you into an optimal state of mind. In just 5 minutes per day you’ll find yourself thinking more positively, living with more purpose and potential, and navigating the chaos of life with greater ease and peace.

Source is such a delight, you’ll find yourself returning again and again.

Inspired by ancient tradition. Supercharged by modern science.

Source is personal transformation—straight from the source. Ancient cultures throughout the world have studied personal transformation for ages, passing down proven and cherished tradition from generation to generation. Source taps into this ancient knowledge and combines it with modern neuroscience in a whole new way, guiding  you into a flow state and deep soul-connection like never before. By bridging the old and the new, Source is a new and powerful alternative to other products you’ve tried.


Reducing or eliminating stress & overwhelm

Quickly awakening flow state for optimal productivity

Bringing a greater sense of control over your life

Stimulating creativity and solutions to challenging problems

Manifesting goals & desires without struggle & effort

Regaining a new footing after the hardships of the pandemic

Opening new levels of ease, peace, joy & wellbeing

Exploring enlightenment in an experiential manner

Let Source be the source of a newfound joy & flow.

A single tool for optimizing your mind and manifesting your desires.

A simple tool that transforms.

See what others say about Source.

“Source is my most cherished moment of the day. I wake up excited. It works.”


“I’ve been so productive since using Source. The flow state is unreal. If I ever find myself overwhelmed, I run Source again and am back to it.”


“I was always terrible at meditation. This is something different. It brings me so much joy.”


“Since the pandemic started I’ve struggled with depression. Source has brought me back to life. I can’t say enough about this tool.”


Simple but deeply transformative.

How does it work? Source works by tapping into the deepest recesses of your consciousness, which is where the neural pathways in your brain are most malleable. After years of testing, we have discovered the brainwave state that generates an optimal frame of mind for sustained flow, ease, joy and peace in all areas of your life. The secret of this state is the attunement of your body, mind, heart and soul. As these align and harmonize, your brain is rewired and you approach your life from a whole new level.

Simply plug in, run the activation audio, and relax as you enter a deep state of flow that will permeate every area of your life.

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